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CADdy++ PDM was especially developed for CADdy++ Mechanical Design users. The Windows based Product-Data-Management program offers typical PDM functionality like search, revision control or product-life-cycle-operations (check in, check out...) within CADdy++ Mechanical Design. This direct access to the PDM functionality allows the designer to concentrate on his major point – the design. The system handles all data management work in the background!


CAD integration, Microsoft®-Word und –Excel integration

The integration into the CAD- und Office-products allows the access to the PDM functionality, like search, save, check-in, check-out, from the known user interface.

Based on comfortable Workflow-functionality Office-documents can be proceeded process-, event- or time oriented. The correct and complete information is in the correct format at the right place.

CADdy++ PDM is especially designed for small and medium sized design departments, to manage the CADdy++ Mechanical Design and Office documents. Typical areas are: the decrease of searching time for documents and their current version, the optimization of the cooperation by the development of common projects as well as the demand to place at disposal the development data for the whole enterprise. CADdy++ PDM user can learn to manage all product specific data within a few hours.


Upgrade to ENOVIA SmarTeam

An upgrade from CADdy++ PDM to ENOVIA SmarTeam is possible at every time. So the user can – even at a later stage – extend to all advantages of SmarTeam with SmartGateway, SmartWeb and other eSupply Chain solutions.

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