Are you struggling to quickly respond to your customers, while coordinating input from numerous engineering, production and service centers around the world? The Single Source of Speed solution enables seamless, faster Product Development and Order Fulfillment processes to be conducted globally.

Design, source, produce and service fast anywhere

Being an efficient industrial equipment company today in a very competitive market requires the ability to define and produce customized products that can be delivered to multiple geographic locations in record speed. Moreover, companies are required to provide services to installed equipment at any customer site around the world.

The Single Source of Speed solution from Dassault Systèmes allows companies to manage the entire product development process - from sourcing to design, production and services - across geographic locations. The solution leverages a single data model of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform which covers mechanical, piping and tubing, as well as electrical schematics processes. This enables all product development stakeholders to share and interact on a single source that is based on 3-dimensional (3D) models.

The lifelike experience of the virtual product enables all stakeholders to retrieve the right information in real time from anywhere, which improves communication and project monitoring. Industrial equipment companies can reduce costs and time to market while increasing product quality.

The Single Source of Speed solution liberates and accelerates your product development, order fulfillment and services activities for all product configurations in a sustainable way. This paves the way for a quick industrial integration of newly acquired companies. Our solution delivers a unique product development backbone that enables your enterprise to realize your strategic initiatives.

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