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The 64 bit versions of CADdy++ 2018 can be used on any computer with a Microsoft 64-bit operating system.

Please note: The use of the 64 bit version is necessary when working with very big models, where you get to the limit of the memory with the 32 bit version - but there is no speed increase!

CADdy++ Mechanical Design professional (64 Bit)
CADdy++ economy (64 Bit)
CADdy++ basic (64Bit)

CADdy++ View & Plot Pro (64 Bit)
CADdy++View & Plot (64 Bit)

Pricelist (PDF File)

CADdy++ Mechanical Design


Service Packs

Kindly notice actual CADdy++Updates & Service-Packs for CADdy and CADdy++ mechanical design software.


Free of charge CADdy++ basic Testversion




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