Experience digital continuity to boost your company

Industrial Equipment companies are finding innovative ways to capture opportunities within a competitive business environment. They must know what customers want, adopt advanced engineering technologies, better leverage purchasing power and offer services that increase customer satisfaction.

Industrial Equipment customers are no longer making consistent margins on equipment sale. Their company bottom line largely derives from after sale service activities. Yet they do not always know how to transition from product oriented organizations to bending most company means, activities, data and systems towards after sales activities, or for the more advanced, to new recurring product/services.



With 3DEXPERIENCE solutions specially tailored for the Industrial Equipment, we are looking - together with Dassault Systèmes - toward the future to meet customers’ demand. Even your more challenging business situations will be addressed in a unified environment, enabling social networking activities, at corporate level as well as at business communities’ level.

Single Source of Speed Solution Experience

Please find here, how a centralized global data source can accelerate your product development process ...

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