V6 ECAD Collaboration - The Direct CAD Integration between 3DEXPERIENCE© and EPLAN©

Increased networking and the demand for process optimization in the technical departments of enterprises all ends in one very strong requirement: Continuous flow of information through the Mechanical and Electrical Design.

That is the Reason for ECAD Collaboration
ECAD Collaboration offers a simple and overall integration  currently almost known only to the Mechanical Design  now also for the Electrical Engineering!

ECAD Collaboration manages all EPLAN© projects directly in 3DEXPERIENCE© and supports a bidirectional exchange of project properties. Using the proven 3DEXPERIENCE© revision processes all changes to the EPLAN© projects are transparent and traceable at any time. Without any additional effort from users, ECAD Collaboration uses the archiving commands from EPLAN©. Previous project states can be reloaded to evaluate alternatives. 
ECAD Collaboration integrates with an own menu into EPLAN©. EPLAN© remains as the independent authoring system for the Electrical Engineering and doesn´t need to be closed to manage the projects with 3DEXPERIENCE©. In addition, cross project relations and searches can be processed quickly and easily with 3DEXPERIENCE©. This can be done ´only´ between EPLAN© projects as well as between EPLAN© and Mechanical Design projects.
ECAD Collaboration supports the EPLAN© integrated device / article management with its comprehensive link-up between the EPLAN© article and 3DEXPERIENCE© Item/BOM Management. All articles used in EPLAN© are synchronized with 3DEXPERIENCE© and creates an item based BOM. In 3DEXPERIENCE© the EPLAN© BOM can be combined with any other BOM, e.g. from MCAD, to a complete cross discipline Bill of Material.
  • 3DEXPERIENCE© commands integrated directly in EPLAN©
  • Standardized project templates in 3DEXPERIENCE©
  • Revision security for your EPLAN© projects
  • Bidirectional exchange of properties
  • Automatic PDF creation and Viewing on non CAD workstations
  • Cross project and cross department management of product data
  • ENOVIA V6© R2011x - 2014
  •  3DEXPERIENCE© 2015x or later
  •  EPLAN© Electric P8 Release 2.1 or later


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