Successful EPDM Data Migration to 3DEXPERIENCE®

Constantly increasing requirements …
Shorter Time to Market …
Unification of processes and tools …
All of this has led TOMRA Sorting Solutions to come up with the decision to implement a unified PLM solution.

TOMRA chose the 3DEXPERIENCE® solution from Dassault Systèmes.

A unified platform for information, technical data and processes. As a partner for the implementation of the project DataSolid GmbH from Mönchengladbach was selected.
In this multi-level project, the implementation of 3DEXPERIENCE® solution was the first to begin with best-practice processes.
A next step was the migration of data from EPDM to the 3DEXPERIENCE® solution

The Migration in terms of figures
A total of 1.62 million files with a data volume of 2 TB were migrated - the use of configurations was managed with 3.2 million document data records.
For the correct and complete description of the properties, 98 million metadata records were migrated from EPDM and assigned to the files.
The files were linked with a total of 17,600 folders.

The Migration in terms of duration
The main challenge was to enable parallel operation and to ensure the shortest possible downtime for the migration.
The first test runs showed that the entire migration will take two weeks. In addition, it became clear that a full and subsequent delta migration, i.e. the migration of the subsequently changed data records, is absolutely necessary.
After a snapshot of the EPDM database for the initial migration was fully integrated into the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform in 10 days, the delta migration was completed in only 2 days. The goal of reducing the downtime in such a way that the design department is not significantly impaired thereby has been achieved.

Migration in terms of data quality improvement
The previous practice to have also standard parts under version control led to the fact that these were then available with up to 1,000 configurations in partly 150 versions. For a single standard part, this means, on average, an additional 150,000 data records, which are not needed because only the most recent version is used.
The additional task of the migration at TOMRA was therefore to identify these unnecessary files and data records from the database. The use of the filtered file versions has been analyzed and assembly structures have already been converted accordingly during migration.
This processing enabled the identification of 2.2 million outdated document data records which had already been exchanged before the migration to the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform by the latest version.
As a result, this corresponds to a data improvement of 40% of the legacy data!

Migration in terms of technology
In order to meet the high requirements, especially in terms of data quality improvement and delta migration, the specialists at DataSolid decided on a database-based migration concept in two stages.
In stage 1, the native EPDM data were transferred to a neutral transfer database. In this neutral transfer database the data could be analyzed and restructured in accordance with the requirements, errors in the inventory data could be identified and corrected without affecting the ongoing design process.
In stage 2, these processed data were then imported directly into the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform with a purpose-built tool – of course also with data quality control and feedback information.

Migration in terms of results
Target achievement 100 %.
This was assured by the previous analysis of the EPDM data and on the agreement on how to avoid the migration with unclean structures, errors in the legacy data and optimization requirements.
In the second step, the specification was tested by means of various test assemblies whose migration results could be tracked down to the detail, and adjustments were made to the process.
In the third step, the entire database with all 3.2 million data sets was successfully migrated.

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